About Us

The development of My Motor Mats started in 2018 and comes from my love of working with children who have motor planning and sensory processing challenges.  I was experiencing roadblocks and challenges with being able to create permanent sensory paths in our school building and My Motor Mats was born.  Creating a sensory path that is re-movable and also customizable was an exciting adventure to embark upon.  I hope that you will find My Motor Mats to be a creative way of increasing opportunities for children to explore and participate in academic learning coupled with sensory motor activities.

My Motor Mats is not just a sensory path, it is a tool to bridge academic learning with movement.  Research tells us that it is the variability of practice across multiple settings in an unpredictable sequence that helps to support motor learning (Jarus, 1994).  My Motor Mats affords therapists the ability to vary motor tasks across settings.  My Motor Mats sensory path and academic packs will provide near endless motor activities that will enhance your skills as therapist and increase engagement for all children.